Uber | ICC World Cup
Uber | ICC World Cup
facebook playable ad
Facebook’s playable ads work best for app installs - typically for gaming brands. However, Facebook worked with Ronin labs to onboard Uber India as world’s first non gaming brand to use playable ads and create an awareness of their campaign.
What we did
  •   Concept Design
  •   User Research
  •   UI / UX Design
  •   Development
The Goals
May of 2019, when the world cup fever was high in India, Uber ran a cross platform campaign letting their target audience to win a lot of free goodies and even a chance to travel to London to watch the world cup when they took any Uber ride. The objective of the playable campaign was simple - explain the audience how the campaign worked and how to win free goodies.
User Journey and Development
The campaign was to run pan-india and customisations were made to the playables for the top metros. Customisations like art, gender and uber ride configurations were made.
The Final Product
The end result - a casual tapping game that explained the players how to score runs by booking uber rides and redeeming them to win goodies & a trip to London.
Tap, Tap and Away!
The results were outstanding.
higher ad recall rate vs other World Cup campaigns
lower CPC vs other World Cup campaigns
higher CTR vs regular app install campaigns
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