android phone not detecting headphones

December 01, 2020 | mins read

In case the warranty has expired you do have phone insurance. If it is Android, when you adjust the phone volume, there will be a symbol at the right that looks like either a gear wheel or an arrow pointing down. News, reviews, deals, apps and more. The first step when you find your headphone jack is not working is an obvious one. There's Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, and more, but there are also …, There is no denying Google and Amazon are leading the smart home race. Another important point, many headphones come with volume control built-in to them. Check to see if the smartphone is connected to a different device via Bluetooth. Normally, when you plug in your headphones, the smartphone should recognize them and everything should work as intended regardless of the Bluetooth settings. While Black Friday may be officially over, it's really not. If things look better, plug in your headphones to check if everything works as it should now. Current device : Note 10 5G If everything seems to be in order, but your headphone jack is not working, there’s another simple fix you can try which is restarting your device. If the problem still isn’t solved, follow the steps down below: We certainly hope one of the fixes presented above fixed your headphone jack issue. Now power off your device completely and disconnect the power cable if it’s charging. Remove all accessories and restart your phone or tablet. If your smartphone is paired with wireless headphones, a speaker, or any other device via Bluetooth, it’s possible that the headphone jack is disabled. If you tap this, it will display 4 separate volume controls. In that case, the smartphone is likely paired with one of the other devices you have in your house. The quickest way to check this out is to plug the headphones into another device. These are some of the fixes that we hope will help you take care of a faulty headphone jack on your smartphone. Solution 5 : Remove All Paired Devices. Just press and hold the power button, select the restart option, wait for the device to turn back on again, and then check to see if the problem still persists. If it doesn’t work, move on to the next guide. You can download Restoro by clicking the Download button below. There are a lot of different ways to do this, some of which work better than others. The best course of action in these cases would be to contact the retailer and send it for a repair or ask for a new device if you’re still under warranty. In both cases, you can easily fix it with one of the guides below. This just might be the cause of the problem, as the dirt can actually block the connection between the headphones and the jack. Swirl it around gently to get any remaining lint or dust out. The issues related to headphones giving out can be traced back to three main things: lint/dirt accumulation, software malfunction or hardware failure. Superior record of delivering simultaneous large-scale mission critical projects on time and under budget. Unfortunately, headphone jack problems are not as uncommon as people think, and it might become extremely frustrating to pinpoint where the problem originates from. Start by opening your Android’s audio settings and make sure the volume levels aren’t muted. If you use headphones regularly, it might make sense to try the fixes down below before taking a trip to the repairman. Drop in to or contact your nearest Samsung Support Centre for a fix if issue persists. You may have to get the device repaired by the manufacturer or someone else who knows what he or she is doing. Read next: The best phones with a headphone jack. Once you’re done, use the flashlight to look into the jack again and see how well you did. Just open up the audio settings on your device and check the volume level as well as any other settings that might mute the sound. You probably use it more times each day than any other device, so you'll want to pick one that's just right …, If you're in the market for a new streaming device, then you probably already know most of the big names in the game. Start by picking up a flashlight and take a look into the jack for any evidence of dirtiness. A flashlight might come in handy for this. You can also blow into the headphone jack, but I don’t recommend using compressed air because you might just force the junk further inside. It sounds like you phone may have a problem with its jack. A laptop, TV, or any other device that has the 3.5 mm jack onboard will do. Click on Connections, and then Bluetooth. Finding yourself in a situation where your headphone jack is not working? Follow these steps to do so: Open Settings from the Apps menu. If music is a big part of your daily routine, then a problem with your smartphone’s jack is the least you could wish for. The standard behaviour on stock Android is to recognize anything inserted inside the jack regardless of the Bluetooth settings. Here are 5 possible fixes 1. It happens to a lot of users and can be extremely frustrating, especially for those who regularly listen to music, and so on. Make sure your headphones aren’t broken. If you have paired your Android device with a wireless device like a speaker or a wireless headset, then your jack may be disabled by your OS. But since Android is diverse and highly fragmented, the behaviour is altered across different manufacturers and Android versions. We also recommend plugging a different pair of headphones into your smartphone before moving forward. Before you go around trying each fix, you should make sure that the headphones aren’t broken. Although it’s rare, there’s still a chance that your original pair isn’t compatible with your smartphone, even if they work with other devices. If you see an entry that outs audio from your smartphone, tap the info icon and unpair it. You’d be amazed at how easily lint, dust, and other foreign materials will make their way into your headphone jack as time passes. If you can’t hear any audio from your headphones when using the headset with a different device, you have just uncovered the culprit. If this is the case, you’ll be able to sort it out in no time. We will no longer be maintaining this page, but please head over to …, OnePlus Buds go on sale for $55, their lowest price ever, 1More Cyber Monday headphone sale: Save an extra 10% today, How to use Slack for productivity and teamwork, Everything you need to know about Hulu account sharing and more. If they’re working fine with a different device, something else is to blame. The problem is, these can easily block any type of connection between the headphones and the jack. The next step is to try and clean it and hope that that solves the issue. If that’s the problem, just turn it off, plug in your headphones, and see if that solves it. Whether you …, Update: Black Friday is technically over! This can take quite some time in some cases, but at least it’s free. Just replace your headphones and you’re good to go. If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Restoro which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. ©2020 Android Authority | All Rights Reserved. If your device is still under warranty, the best thing to do is simply contact the retailer or manufacturer. Now try to plug in a different pair of headphones into your smartphone and see if they work. If there is one, that is. One option is simply to blow into the headphone jack, which should take care of at least some of the dust and lint that’s found inside. If you don’t hear anything, there are two possible causes – you either have a jack malfunction or there’s a software issue. After you’re done, look into the headphone jack again to see just how much dust and lint you were able to get out. Read more: How to backup your Android phone. You can check this out quickly just by plugging them into another device. Clean the headphone jack. Otherwise, you could just opt for a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones, which will also solve the problem. Wait a while before powering up the device again and see if your headphones are working. If you can’t hear any audio when using your headphones with a different device, you’ve found the source of the problem. Normally, there aren’t a lot of settings like these on a smartphone, so you should find the problem more or less right away. Turn them all to full volume and restart your device. You can close the app as it will run in the background. If none of the fixes listed above work, it means that the problem isn’t quite as minor as hoped. You’ll have to open up your wallet and pay up to get it fixed, but at least you’ll be able to use the headphone jack again. If you're keen to upgrade your home tech, it just might help to look into a new Amazon Echo speaker. Try plugging someone elses headphones into your phone. The fix, in this case, is to replace your headphones with a new pair. Get the very best of Android Authority in your inbox. But before moving on with the solutions, restart your device and then check if you can use your device’s headphone jack without any issue. If they still don’t work, you should move on to the next solution on this list. Problems with the headphone jack on smartphones aren’t as uncommon as you may think. Of course the line isn't so clear between where Black Friday ends and Cyber Monday begins. You can also use a can of compressed air if you have one nearby. The first step when you find your headphone jack is not working is an... 2. If you see an entry that outs audio from your smartphone. If your smartphone is paired with... 3. It doesn’t have to be another Android, any device with a 3.5 mm jack will do the job. If you think we have missed any, do let us know in the comments.

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