blue mussel reproduction

December 01, 2020 | mins read

Interactions between predators mediate their impact on mussel prey, and thus have indirect effects on the mussel … Blue mussels (Mytilus edulis) play an important role in many coastal marine communities, regulating biodiversity and serving as food for many predators. They stay in one spot, bury their anterior end in the soft river bottom, and leave … Freshwater Mussel Life History and Reproduction Life in the Mud. The Fascinating Reproduction Strategies of Mussels The female mussels have evolved various strategies to get fish to get close enough to release their larvae into the gills of the fish. Adult mussels don't have a very exciting life. the spawning periodfor blue mussels in LongIsland Soundis May-August.Similarly, Hrs-Brenko(1971), after a 5-mo study (March-July) involving the examination of gonadal tissue, concluded that the spawning seasonofblue mussel … These include elaborate extension of the female mussel’s mantle (the soft tissue that produces the mussel…

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