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Total success on all fronts, particularly with his mom. You might now do a review between two Debian based distros (MX-16 and SparkyLinux), two rpm based distros (Fedora and Korora), two Arch based distros (Manajaro and OBRevenge), two OpenSUSE distros (OpenSUSE and Gecko) with the same desktop of your choice.Presumably, Slackware and Gentoo are not your cup of tea to put it mildly !!! Some of these are Thunderbird (email), … 28. Downloading Xubuntu does include packages with 5 years of support, but it's ALL covered by 3 years of LTS support (only some packages have the longer support life). Ubuntu MATE is ranked 9th while Linux Lite is ranked 22nd. Portage is also not particularly intuitive. Oh and V or system d is not the problem its the swap and cache problems making Linux look bad. From screenshots, I very much like the theming that the Linux Lite team has done, but is theming and out of the box packaging the … If you are coming from Windows XP, it’ll have a similar feel. Xubuntu 20.04 added some noticeable features, and its adaptation of Xfce 4.14 and the switch to GTK3 is very enhancing for the overall user experience. Twitter. Lubuntu is one of official flavors of Ubuntu. a lot of distros out there are nothing more than themes, and you got distro hoppers running around saying that there is better performance on a perticular distro than the other when all was changed was the icons and colors…. This means a new release at leastonce a year. Linux Lite only puts out a new releases when Ubuntu puts out a LTS (long term support) release. :):):)Best regards,Serge. I recommend that you go with Xubuntu. Keep up the good work, Quids! I also recommend Xubuntu-core if you’re like me, using an ancient dinosaur relic fossil that can barely manage full-blown Xubuntu or Linux Lite, which is not lighter than Xubuntu in any way, but you don’t need to settle for a bare-bones desktop interface that doesn’t offer the fantabulous configurability and beauty of the Xfce desktop. Lubuntu is lighter than Xubuntu. For most users, all that stuff works right out of the chute anyway! “heartily recommend Linux Lite for rookie beginner novices, with older hardware that is too nice to just throw away.” I don't care how good it works if it looks like s..t I'm not interested. Both options are great.Like really.But for me,I like my Manjaro installation. RELATED ARTICLES MORE FROM AUTHOR. If you’re not a “rank beginner” and can find your way around or want to provide a little bit of support for a friend, I still recommend Xubuntu. Its simple, very clean when it comes to the look and theming and its the best implementation of Xfce I've seen on any distro. ), too notice some degree differences in distros example: MX Linux 16.1 xfce (Debian) – Xubuntu (Ubuntu) – OpenSuse w/ xfce – all same desktop but have different look & feel .. . I enjoy looking at what the other distros have to offer. Linux Light I feel is a very underrated distro, for both new and experienced users. Been a while since I gave Xubuntu a go but Linux Lite is absolutely brilliant IMHO. I remain a. but heartily recommend Linux Lite for rookie beginner novices, with older hardware that is too nice to just throw away. both are good distributions….but peppermint is gold….. Great review Quids, I like both, but I favor Linux Lite. The fonts are ok, the menu is all … Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Very light on system resources yet full featured and quite attractive in appearance. The LL website says it's five. During this period, the operating system will continue to receive various small updates. Definitely within my top 3 distros. He’s himself not a Linux hero but had just started at the time, trying to save some old laptops. The only thing I needed to do was move the task bar from the left vertically to the bottom where it belongs. Well-chosen lightweight applications (Geary and Midori instead of Thunderbird and Firefox, for example) and the very basic Xfce desktop with the wonderful Xubuntu default settings (but no compositing, not a bunch of daemons running in the background, etc) make this old beast race along as sweet as ever. Your Lightweight Linux Desktop Could Be Even Lighter. Twitter. But Linux distros are like an almost endless buffet, you can research and try some Live DVDs/Thumbdrives and find out which you like. Linux lite Looks Horrible . With it’s very low resources, it doesn’t really run the full-blown version of Xubuntu as well as it used to, and when 32-bit support ends it’ll finally be time to retire the faithful old box. LXDE desktop environment is lighter than XFCE desktop environment. Linux Lite 3 says in the welcome screen that its "long" term support is for two years. Even with the lightweight nature of the distro, it comes with all the necessary tools and apps. Xubuntu 19.04 comes with a familiar Xfce layout, including the plethora of disk volumes, in this case a whole lot of internal partitions, which simply looks messy and unnecessary. If you’re installing Linux yourself for the first time, Linux Lite is an awesome beginner’s distro with all of Xubuntu’s awesomeness made super simple and a lot less scary for the technically challenged / phobic novice than most distros, even “beginner friendly” ones. It released yesterday. In response to our previous Reddit post, after months of building, testing and bug fixes, our Alpha version of FreePN is available!. Both look nice. Lubuntu. But I am … Xfce was at one time a desktop I hated for the fact that I thought its performance was sluggish but Linux Lite came in to the fold and filled that gap. With Arch, the wiki will guide you through basically anything you need to do. Jerry Bezencon is the person who is leading the Linux Lite project. LXQt is a lightweight, power-efficient desktop environment. Linux Mint. Linux Lite is a lightweight Linux distro based on Ubuntu LTS, which means that each version has a 5-year support period, namely, only a major update every 5 years. To that end, it has also forked and … ... Xubuntu. Ubuntu is based on Debian Linux. Only distro that does it. LINE. 4:33 I couldnt have said it better myself. The Linux Kernel Hidden Inside Windows 10, Firefox 57 (Beta) | Installation unter Linux. You didn't really mention which one is more efficient and better performing (especially since both of these are often suggested for older/underpowered systems). MX Tools made that even easier. It is based on Ubuntu LTS, it’s lightweight and easy to use Linux distributions. 6. But Ubuntu also has many official flavors as… The most important reason people chose Ubuntu MATE is: The goal of MATE is to maintain the look and feel of Gnome 2, while maintaining compatibility with Gnome 3. Budgie also has a welcome screen, similar to MATE's but without the software boutique. But … Lubuntu is the faster, lighter operating system. The Bottom Line. ; We would go with LXDE. Facebook. Other than that, Xubuntu 20.04 is your expected Linux distribution which can be depended upon to be your daily driver as it ever was. You may disagree with the fact that Ubuntu is the best distro for light users. There are important differences. I stayed with linux lite after trying many other distro. July 15, 2017. Xubuntu is more elegant and better looking, and it comes with more features and is more user-friendly than Lubuntu which looks outdated and bare allowing very minimal customization. Also it's nice to see that XFCE in the last couple years has gotten itself to the point where I could replace KDE with it. Yes, I'm a Linux user, but I wasn't always. Brief: Confused about Ubuntu vs Xubuntu vs Lubuntu vs Kubuntu?? The most important reason people chose Linux Lite is: The forum is pretty active and community is very friendly and helpful. Friend of ours set up his mom (well in her late 70s) up with Lite a couple years ago. Ubuntu Vs Linux Mint. The 5th lightweight Linux for old computers is Peppermint. While I am not looking to change the distro I am using. Xubuntu 14.04 will have 3 years of support, however Linux Mint 17 XFCE will have 5 years of support. Xubuntu is an elegant and easy to use operating system. Software Manager: faster, sleeker, lighter: Ubuntu Software Center still takes ages to load, heavily … WhatsApp. The creator of Linux Lite itself is active on the forum and helps to get problem sorted out. Not a Wiki or a searchable database, but a step-by-step guide with pictures and everything. I don't know if I'd put arch, gentoo and LFS in the same category. Once installed (using the super-awesome Ubiquity installer that makes all the Ubuntu-based distros installable in minutes with wonderful simplicity), the first boot of Linux Lite offers this interactive step-by-step guide to getting started. Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distro but it isn’t exactly lightweight. There was a learning curve. I figured it out. It traditionally uses the LXDE interface. 735. The interactive online Help Manual opens in a tabbed web page and helps users navigate through many of the tasks that sometimes frustrate newbies (and technophobes like me), like getting the wireless to work, finding the right driver (or even updating existing ones! Linux Kodachi OS 7.0, a secure, anti forensic, and anonymous operating system, has been released with new tools, new features, and many improvements. I tested Linux Lite 4.0 and Ubuntu 18.04 in VirtualBox for some rudimentary manual performance tests. There is a family of an operating system which uses the name ‘Linux’ to emphasize that many Linux distributions share Linux kernel.. Ubuntu is open source and freely available operating system, … I would personally go with Mint MATE/XFCE or Ubuntu MATE/Xubuntu/Lubuntu. im using xfce, its just cool for a 200$ netbook. Xubuntu requires a minimum RAM of 512 MB while Lubuntu can extend down to 224 MB of RAM to function. Great choices of preinstalled apps. So just for grins, I’m giving Linux Lite a try. good review Quids. Anyway, I would expect the release of Linux Mint 17 XFCE, since support time offering Linux Mint it's better. Greetings all, intermediate Linux user here. The creator of Linux Lite, Jerry Bezencon has made his premise known in several interviews for online Linux publications since the inception of this distribution. source. Linux Lite uses the lightweight Xfce desktop with a menu that might remind some people of Windows XP. It runs xubuntu-core like a dream though! If you are new to Linux and want to install Linux on your older hardware then Peppermint is a good choice for you. So, you’ve been reading about the reasons to switch to Linux and the benefits of using it, and you’ve finally decided to give it … The Linux Kernel Hidden Inside Windows 10. But I also have a laptop with 3 gigs of RAM and a dual-core processor and it’s 64-bit. 2. Linux; Linux Lite vs Xubuntu. I will stick with MX-16.1 Linux with Xfce with the Whisker menu because of it's speed, reliability, use of the terminal is not necessary, and everything works out of the box. If you’re installing Linux yourself for the first time, Linux Lite is an awesome beginner’s distro with all of Xubuntu’s awesomeness made super simple and a lot less scary for the technically challenged / phobic novice than most distros, even “beginner friendly” ones. I like these distro comparisons, so I am very happy to see them coming back! With Gentoo, the wiki is pretty mediocre, especially in the kernel configuration step. Lubuntu requires a minimum 50 to 60 MB of RAM to run without desktop while Xubuntu requires minimum 192 MB of RAM to run without the desktop. review fedora 26. But if not, this Help Manual is about the simplest and best I’ve ever seen. I've never tried LFS, but it doesn't sound like something that anyone would use for day to day computer things. Linux Lite gives me keyboard alignment issues. Pinterest. 5. Very cool. Hi r/xubuntu!. … Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Peppermint uses the LXDE desktop environment that is lightweight … I don't know which to trust, so I can't trust either one. Last edited by wagscat123; 01-22-2017 at 02:01 PM. Analisando o Big Linux – Ele está de volta! Xubuntu 14.04 it's excellent, I've already tested. Xfce uses fewer resources, but this advantage begins to erode as you install and run apps that depend on GNOME libraries. Does Linux Lite has no problem with laptops?I mean that he's suspend correctly. WhatsApp. Linux Lite 2.4 vs Xubuntu 14.04. 1. The wallpaper also means nothing, because it does not signify either the release animal or anything Xubuntu specific. I tried XFCE a few years ago and it was missing important features like mouse acceleration settings and triple monitor support positioning settings (xrandr is annoying to use). Firefox 57 (Beta) | Installation unter Linux. ), getting the sound to work, etc. Linux Lite is based around XFCE, but it has been customized by the developers to provide a cleaner and more user friendly experience from your first boot. Linux; Linux Lite vs Xubuntu. Linux Light is a very good distro and full marks to his thinking and layout. RELATED ARTICLES MORE FROM AUTHOR. "ARCH, GENTOO, or LINUX FROM SCRATCH which you build up from … err scratch,are suited more for advanced users or anyone who is a glutton for punishmentand enjoys reading the eff'in manual" <<< pure GOLD, i'm currently running an ARCH XFCE and it was good, it was good for a while but then with the latest updates of GNUPG, XFCE and SYSTEMD i thoroughly enjoy reading my .xsession-errors … NOT . Linux Lite. Linux Lite. Installation requires 256 MB of RAM on Xubuntu while Lubuntu … Now check out the “Tweak tool:”. July 15, 2017. 28. 735. Lubuntu operating system is much faster than Xubuntu operating system. Xubuntu is yet another official flavor of the original Ubuntu distribution. Plasmashell and Krunner also seem to crash once every few day; I've never seen XFCE's taskbar or launcher crash. And it’s lightweight enough to run on most computers that used to run Windows XP or Windows 2K. I believe those types of reviews are hard to come by because of the time and effort involved along with finding a honest person. Xubuntu is based upon XFCE desktop environment while Lubuntu is based upon LXDE desktop environment. KDE is a nicer desktop overall, but XFCE loads a lot faster and I do most things in the terminal these days. Facebook. Newbies can simply check all the “Safe” options to keep the system clean and fast. People should be willing to learn names of things. Hello QuidsUp ! All of this can be done in any Xfce distro from the Settings menu, but Linux Lite has made it more convenient and reassuring for novice users. The Linux Kernel Hidden Inside Windows 10. Firefox 57 (Beta) | Installation unter Linux. I have used linux lite and it is a very good distro. The entire premise behind Linux Lite, is to give a Window's user the best chance at discovering the world of Linux and to present Linux in the most anxiety free way possible. Your email address will not be published. Xubuntu is more elegant and better looking, and it comes with more features and is more user-friendly than Lubuntu which looks outdated and bare allowing very minimal customization. Analisando o Big Linux – Ele está de volta! Présentation, tutos, et astuces. Xubuntu has a new releases soon after Ubuntu had a new releases. Xubuntu is a community developed operating system that combines elegance and ease of use. 10 Best Linux Desktop Environments. Comparing two lightweight XFCE Linux distributions which are based on Ubuntu. This is something many other lightweight distributions struggle with. Differences Between Linux vs Ubuntu. Required fields are marked *. That provides a distinct advantage because it offers much more up-to-date packages. I did see one naughty text line, but other than that, it was an unremarkably quiet start. My whole family use it and my parents are 60 and are not computer wizards. It uses LXQt with the recent release instead of LXDE on older versions. 4. Xfce has been a powerful (and lightweight) Linux environment for a long time. Unless you have a very old PC with some pretty old specification. After updating installed software, you can upgrade within a series with a great little Linux Lite application that changes repository settings as needed to the next point within a “series.”  Each series is based on the LTS releases of Ubuntu and compare with point releases. In fact, Xfce can be run on a computer with as little as 40MB of memory – making it a perfect choice for older systems running low-end hardware. Very nice video post and explaining things. No trouble booting. The first version or initial version, Ubuntu 4.10 (Warty Warthog) was released one 20 October 2004 (15 years ago). For anyone who has experience with Linux Lite and Xubuntu, are there any large differences between the two? Some thoughts on Endless OS: GNU/Linux overview, Linux Tutorial For Beginners – 2 | Linux System Administration | Linux Training | Edureka, Create Excel (.XLS and .XLSX) file from C# Using excellibrary, Working with images in iTextSharp PDF file using C#, Add table into existing PDF using iTextSharp, C'est quoi linux ubuntu?

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