wet litter problem in poultry

December 01, 2020 | mins read

Whilst this increase in water excretion is often initially the result of a physiological diuresis or diarrhoea, nutritionally induced pathological change may aggravate the polyuria by compromising water recovery, or increase the severity of the diarrhoea by causing enteritis. Tips to reduce moisture in poultry houses, how to maintain bedding of chicks, chickens and other poultry dry, Litter management in Chickens and other Poultry etc. Performance a) Growth rate (gr) - an index that indicates the average daily gain of weight per average broiler of a flock. on the pressure points). Soyabean meal is naturally high in potassium, which increases thirst. The problem of wet litter . The old yardage of measurement to give a rough idea is to squeeze the litter in your hands and estimating, if litter clumps and stays in a ball, it is too wet. general, it is wise to limit its inclusion to no more than 20% of the ration. Litter cushions the bird from the hard floor, provides insulation and has the capacity to both absorb and facilitate evaporation of faecal, urinary and spilled water. The arrival of winter weather could increase the risk of wet litter in poultry houses, causing health problems for chickens, says Pat Meggs, national sales manager for Cumberland.. Inflammation of the renal or gastrointestinal lining compromises water and nutrient transfer, which increases the amount of water, mucus and non-digested nutrients in the excreta. The use and management of suitable bedding material is a crucial part of bird welfare in intensive production systems. The more humid the air, the greater the amount of air flow over the litter required to keep it relatively dry. Try to make the maximum use of pie shavings and related materials for the litter management in poultry. Ideal materialswil… By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. Ionophores in diets also cause wetting of litter. Industry and researchers need to work together on collaborative research to address environmental, nutritional and health issues in a strategic way to develop preventative and remedial actions that can be applied at all levels of the industry (breeder farms, feed mills, hatcheries and grow-out farms). Open bowls should be cleaned at least once a day, as birds may step in them, knock them over and get the contents filthy. According to Jan Grobbelaar, training director at Dumela Poultry Solutions in Pretoria, South Africa, bedding material should be light, so that it is easy to manage. Wet litter causes health and quality problems. Disadvantages of Wet Litter. There are several causes of wet litter. Apart from loading the litter with water, the mucus and non-digested lipid in particular, reduce the litter's water buffering capacity and exacerbate the consequences of flushing. However, barring a major disease challenge, some poultry complexes never require a complete clean-out, but rather only need close management of litter depth (Malone, 2006). Nutrition also influences litter quality. Flushing is commonly the result of a normal physiological response to nutritionally induced water, electrolyte, pH or osmotic imbalance, but sustained imbalance frequently leads to pathological change. Dry litter helps keep broilers healthy, control poultry house ammonia levels and minimises the risk of carcass condemnations because of breast blisters and hock burns. This sealed litter is what is referred to as being “caked.” In this condition, the litter is simply saturated with water and is unable to dry out. 3. insulates chicks from the cooling effects of the ground and provides a protective cushion between the birds and the floor. Coccidiosis is a protozoan disease which causes dysentery and frequently wet litter. Management is crucial when it comes to minimising wet litter problems, as Philip Clarke reports.

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