Whisper The Secret
Whisper The Secret
facebook playable ad
After the success of Uber India on facebook playable ads, with the launch of their new flagship OnePlus Tv, OnePlus tried playable ads on Facebook. Ronin labs pitched this concept to help promote the features of the TV. The objective of the campaign was to get more signups for notification on Amazon.
What we did
  •   Concept
  •   Design
  •   Development
The Concept
Digitising the telephone game, the player will have to tap on the screen to keep the accuracy of the secret that is being passed. The secret message is a feature of the tv that was being officially announced by Una a Shiba Inu and a permanent employee at their China headquarters. Ronin labs animated the digital avatar of Una and added them into the game with audio and sound effects to go with it. At the end of the line, Una unveils the secret that is funny depending how the accuracy meter along side the correct secret. At this point the CTA was to be notified when the phone is being launched officially on Amazon.in
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